PWS Operator Services

We can perform all process control duties for your transient, non-transient, non-community public water systems. If your water system is regulated by the state, let our licensed water operators take care of all your maintenance, monitoring, sampling, recordkeeping and reporting requirements. Process control duties include:

  • Regular Maintenance on Disinfectant System
  • Water Total Usage Logs
  • Weekly Disinfectant Residual Logs
  • Monthly Operating Reports
  • Monthly Bacteria Sampling and Reporting
  • Disinfectant Level Quarterly Operating Reports
  • Annual Tank Inspections
  • Site Sample Plans and PWS Monitoring Plans
  • Lead/Copper Monitoring Reports and Notifications
  • State Regulatory Audit Representation
  • System Representation for all Required Periodic Sampling Performed by the State

Project Management

We can manage the short term projects that have to get done right. When "stuff happens" we will take the bull by the horns and get the job done!  Here are some of the projects we are really good at:

  • New Public Water System (PWS) Construction
  • Existing PWS Maintenance and Repair 
  • Bioremediation 
  • Spill Cleanup and Site Restoration
  • Waste Stream Management 
  • Oil, Gas, Water and Soil Sampling/Analyses
  • Right-of-Way Maintenance
  • Weed Control 

We Offer Environmental Services, Oil Sampling, Spill Cleanup, Weed Control, Water Operator Services & more based in Midland, TX

If you need help with a special project, run it by us to see if we can help you get it done!

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Regulatory Compliance Surveys/Inspections

We can perform confidential, unbiased third-party inspections at your facility or job site to ensure you are in compliance with the latest RRC, TCEQ, EPA and OSHA requirements.

Pollution Prevention (P2) Plans

We can perform waste stream characterization on all of the wastes generated at your facility and set up a recycling program to minimize waste and disposal costs.

SAM@TRUETECS.COM       (432) 413-7414

Environmental Service Midland, TX
Environmental Service Midland, TX

Regulatory Liaison Assistance

We can go to bat for you to ensure the proper steps are taken to resolve issues when dealing with regulatory agencies.  Let us handle your reporting, planning, arbitration, negotiation and project management to keep you compliant.

Oil Sampling Service Midland, TX

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

We can do site inspections to determine active and potential runoff points. We can also do applicability determinations to see if you are required to have a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan or if you qualify for a No Exposure Certification.  We can also help settle disputes for illegal stormwater discharge onto your property from adjacent activity.